These two precious metals can be mixed together in any ratio as a liquid sensitiser and then brushed or spread onto handmade cotton paper. After drying and humidifying, the paper is then exposed in a light box to brilliant ultraviolet light or to direct sunlight. After exposure the image is removed from the printing frame and processed. While platinum printing can be demanding and sometimes terribly frustrating, the results are worth the effort. The prints are highly regarded by galleries and museums for their superb archival qualities, as they will last in perfect condition for as long as the paper survives. A thousand years is said to be a realistic expectation for the life of a well-produced platinum print.

Platinum is often used in combination with palladium in any ratio to produce a desired outcome. The delicate softness and long tonal range of the print, with a multitude of colour options ranging from blue-black to warm brown, makes each one unique.